GotEasyLiving.com increased their traffic by 77% in just 3 months.

Imagine getting 77% more inquiries in just three months?

Well, that is what happened to GotEasyLiving.com. When you combine the increase in traffic with their increased conversion rate and their leads went up by more than 400% in total.

Check out this snapshot from Google analytics which shows how much their traffic has increased in the three month period.

Traffic increase from March to June

No. of Keywords in Google from March to June

From 2 keywords in Google to 40 keywords

When we started the SEO campaign, GotEasyLiving.com was only ranking for 2 keywords – and they weren’t even on the first page. So basically they were invisible.

Fast forward three months and they are ranking for 40 keywords – with 10 on the first page of Google.

The graph displays how the number of keywords have increased each month. As you can see, it went from zero to hero pretty quickly!

Moved up 1,196 spots in Google - in 1 month

I know – it is hard to believe, but it is true. In the month of May, GotEasyLiving.com moved up more than one thousand spots in Google accumulatively.

What does that mean? Basically, if a keyword moves up 10 spots in Google, that will count as +10. So in this case all the keywords within the system moved up a total of 1,196 spots. In turn their traffic shot up by more than 30% in that 30 day period.

The graph plots the daily change for the month of May.

No. of  moves in Google in one month

Need some more proof?


Traffic Increase


SupremeCV Traffic

ImYourBiz – that’s us!

ImYourBiz Traffic

So how do we increase search rankings & traffic?

There are 8 specific things we do to skyrocket your traffic

Link-Diversity#1 – Link Diversity

We build over 9 different kinds of links so that Google can see many different ‘votes’ coming from all directions.

Slow-and-Steady#2 - Slow & Steady Approach

Search engines, especially Google, will punish websites who get a ton of links built in a short span of time. We build links slowly over time to give you the most natural link building humanly possible.

Anchor-Text-Randomization#3 – Anchor Text Rendomization

Oh yeah… we are getting very techie now. We will make sure that all the links coming to your page have a wide variety of anchor texts. These are the keywords that we place within links. Google loves this!

Continuous-Content#4 – Continuous

The search engines cannot possibly get enough content. That is why we will write weekly blog posts for you, targeting specific keywords.

SEO-Landing-Pages#5 – SEO Landing Pages

We will create awe inspiring landing pages that convert visitors into prospects and make search engines kneel at your feet.

Multi-Tiered-Linking#6 – Multi Tiered Linking

We will build links to your links. As well as helping your website to rank highly, we will be building links to the pages which link to you. This creates authority over time and helps you to stay in the rankings. This is an incredibly effective strategy – part of our ‘secret sauce’.

Long-term-strategy#7 – Long Term Strategy

Our strategy works both in the short term and long term. We aim to rank you for more than 50 keywords over the course of a year. This insures that you don’t rely on just one keyword, and it increases traffic dramatically over time.

Reports-and-Members-area#8 – Reports & Members Area

Oh yeah, we have all that! You will be able to log in and check your rankings every single day. We will also set up monthly reports so that you can get a lovely overview.

Are you ready to skyrocket your website traffic?

Im Convinced

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