About Us

Welcome to ImYourBiz!

Oh yeah! You should be proud of yourself for finding the best small business web design company in the world. When I say ‘the best’ I really mean it.

We are a small business ourselves located in the wonderful state of Arizona. We have served clients from all over the country and the world. That’s right! If you want some references from people in London just let me know.

Want some more awesomeness? Then check out the team below!

Meet the team

We are a team of awesome professionals. Have a look at the three amigos who keep the wheels turning.

Peter Visser


Peter has been running online businesses since 2008. He is an expert at creating websites that look stunning and convert visitors into prospects. He also has a very keen eye for design. Oh yeah... did we mention he LOVES chicken wings and beer?

Katie Visser


She’s not just a pretty face. She is also amazing at figuring out the most technically difficult problems. Her attention to detail is almost painful to watch - just kidding. Katie has a background in design and architecture with some incredible insights into web structure and layout.

Michael Teofilo


Michael does all the things that are too hard for the rest of us. He is our hard core coder! Kind of like the Mark Zuckerberg of ImYourBiz. We haven‘t made him a billionaire yet - but we’re getting there.

Enough about us – have a look at some of our recent work

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